Who Needs a Kosher Wig?

There are many reasons why a woman may want to wear a kosher wig. Women who are married and follow the laws of their faith must cover their original hair and often shave it in order to keep their hair from being seen by men other than their husbands. But other Jewish women need kosher wigs for other reasons. A woman having treatment for cancer will lose hair and the process can be very upsetting. On top of being ill, undergoing painful and sickening treatment, and experiencing fear about life and death, a woman has to deal with the loss of her hair.

For Jewish women in these situations, a kosher wig is the best and only option. Head wraps and scarves can provide an alternative, but the fact is that only a high quality kosher wig will completely return a woman to an image that she can be proud of. While looking good and feeling good are not always related, it can make a big difference if you feel good about how you look. There is no right or wrong, and women who want kosher wigs should feel confident about their choice.

Synthetic or Real Human Hair?

No matter the reason that you’re searching for a kosher wig, the first thing to think about is whether you’ll have a human hair kosher wig or a synthetic kosher wig. There are benefits to both and the choice is usually very personal. Synthetic kosher wigs come in many more options than human hair wigs, and they tend to be more durable. But some people claim that the best kosher wigs are made of human hair and look more real. Today’s synthetic kosher wigs are very convincing, and you should take a look at examples of both before making a decision.