Things to Consider When Buying a Kosher Wig

The last thing you need is another item that sits in your closet, unworn and forgotten. Kosher wigs are no different than other wardrobe accessories – they’re only worth the money if you actually wear them! Here’s a list of things to keep in mind while shopping for a wig.

1. Find out as much as you can about where the hair came from and how it may have been processed. The more chemical treatments the hair has undergone, the shorter its lifespan.

2. Try to get a wig that’s already been cut and styled so you know exactly how it looks on you at the time of purchase. You don’t want to risk being disappointed later at the salon – badly cut wigs do not grow out!

3. Insist on looking at the wig outside the store in natural daylight. Artificial light can make colors look slightly different.

4. Don’t fall into the trap of buying something on sale that can’t be returned or exchanged later. The thrill of a bargain will fade quickly if you decide the next day that the color or style doesn’t really work on you.

5. Learn the “proper care and feeding” of wigs once you get yours home. Don’t abuse your wig by using harsh cleaners or wringing it dry after washing. Avoid excessive heat when styling. Common sense will go a long way towards keeping your kosher wigs looking good for years.