How to Find Good Quality Kosher Wigs

Many people looking for kosher wigs have two priorities. The first is that their wig follows kosher rules and is acceptable to wear. The second is quality. You’re looking for a kosher wig that is well made, durable, and looks great. Of course you want it to look like your real hair, not a wig. The good news is that buying kosher wigs almost always ensures that the wig will be good quality. After all, it’s a lot of work to produce a kosher wig and if it then looks terrible, nobody is going to buy it. However, kosher is not always a guarantee these days and it’s important to find a respected source for your kosher wigs.

Community Reputation

The Jewish community is closely linked, so much so that you can easily find out whether a particular stylist or wig maker has a good reputation. But how do you start the conversation. The fact is that people with wigs don’t want you to know they have a wig, so it’s not exactly polite to approach someone and ask where they got their wig. Instead, you’ll have to be more subtle.

Sometimes the person to go to is your Rabbi. A Rabbi can be the trusted advisor and confidant of many, many people. Individuals who wear wigs for any reason may talk to their Rabbi about their situation. While the Rabbi doesn’t have to say why or for whom, they can always ask about where a wig came from, if they know of the wig. It can all be confidential, but you’ll know you’re getting a good recommendation.

Of course, some salons are well known for the kosher wigs they supply. It’s important to not be shy when it comes to finding the right kosher wig for you – so just get in there and ask to see some examples. You’ll know pretty quickly whether or not the kosher wigs you’re seeing are worth buying.