A New Way to Buy and Sell Kosher Wigs

Human hair kosher wigs, especially brand name custom- or semi-custom-made wigs, can cost hundreds or even several thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, as with any other wardrobe item, sometimes you buy things that just don’t work out. Maybe the color or cut isn’t as flattering as you first thought in the store, or you’ve decided to change your look after a few seasons. Sometimes the wig is just too uncomfortable to wear after an hour or two. So there it sits in a closet, making you feel guilty about money misspent. Fortunately, in the past few years a new way to “right your wrongs” has become popular – wig consignment stores. Kosher wigs are part of this growing trend.

Consignment stores are clamoring for wigs in top condition. The store gets inventory at no cost to them, and the owner gets a larger potential market than by trying to sell on their own via word or mouth or newspaper/online advertising. Owners don’t get paid until the wig sells, at which time the profit is usually split 50/50.

The other half of the consignment equation is the buyer. As noted above, good quality wigs can be quite expensive. You may not be able to justify the high cost of a new “designer” wig, but used wigs are often available at half or less of original retail prices. Thus, consignment brings beautiful custom kosher wigs within the reach of many more women.